Your Way To Santiago

The Credential or Pilgrim’s Passport

The Pilgrim’s Credential used to be a document given to pilgrims during the Middle Ages as a safeguard for the Camino de Santiago. Nowadays, it is an essential document to do the Camino, a kind of passport for pilgrims that must be filled out with their personal information and stamped at each stage. The credential must accompany the pilgrims throughout the full Camino. The fundam..


Why should I do the Camino?

If you have not yet found a reason to do the Camino besides discovering the Cathedral and visiting the tomb of the apostle, we will give you a few reasons to encourage you to embark in this adventure. You are going to love it!Find yourself. Most people who finish the Camino say that one of the best things that has ever happened to them while doing it, is that they have found th..